GFI ForexMatch®

    GFI ForexMatch®, GFI’s award-winning central limit order book (CLOB) marketplace for FX derivatives, offers multiple trading choices to ensure best execution for clients and brokers. Post-trade services include SDR reporting, affirmation workflow, confirmations and electronic straight-through processing of both voice and electronic trades.

    GFI ForexMatch provides execution and routing to GFI’s regulated marketplaces, including GFI’s Swap Execution Facility (SEF) and GFI’s Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF), along with other regional markets.

    Why choose GFI ForexMatch?

    —  The ability to price up to 16 different option types
    —  Price discovery and trading for quoted vanilla options
    —  Real-time volatility interpolation from tradable source for every price request
      Structure bespoke vanilla options, dynamic deltas & updates and strike/delta options


    Products traded via GFI ForexMatch

    FX Options NDFs (Americas, EMEA, Asia)
    Forwards (Americas, EMEA, Asia) Latin American Interest Inflation Forwards
    Mexican Swaptions  


    Americas   +1 212 968 2827 EMEA   +44 20 7877 8161
    Asia Pacific   +65 6435 0451