Electronic markets enable efficient, transparent execution alongside access to market liquidity. GFI is a global leader in providing electronic markets for FX, credit, interest rate, and energy and commodity instruments. 

    At GFI, we understand that no matter who is accessing our markets, they are seeking superior liquidity and transparency. GFI finds the right balance of trading protocol, human capital and liquidity to provide best execution. GFI has developed – and continues to develop – highly practical trading protocols to enable clients to access liquidity on its leading marketplaces.  

    Our Innovative Protocols 

    GFI offers a variety of protocols to suit the different markets in which we operate. Knowledge gathered from more than 26 years in derivatives execution allows us to understand the way that different products and markets are traded and to develop the most appropriate and effective protocols for those markets.


    GFI’s CLOB protocol allows you to take advantage of a more open, exchange-based pricing and execution model, providing equal access for all market participants to previously unseen levels of price transparency. GFI is proud to be the leading CLOB marketplace for liquidity credit markets.


    Continuous Mid-Point Matching further enhances the GFI CLOB, creating liquidity by determining a “fair value” between the bid and the offer, and allowing participants to submit trades to be executed at this price without divulging which direction they are trading or their identity. 


    RFQ enables users to request a quote from multiple market makers with a single click, and bilateral execution on the response. Quotes and trades are visible only to the requestor and the market maker, ensuring privacy for both counterparties. 


    Join the Trade is anonymous trade matching functionality offering greater speed of execution and instant matching. Participants have the ability to execute on multiple prices from any market. This protocol offers full anonymity pre-trade and during execution. 


    Matching is an instantaneous process run on GFI’s electronic marketplaces. During periodic sessions carried out at set times during the day, traders can anonymously contribute and trade at mid-market levels on specific contracts. In some key, specific markets, auctions are run to bring best price execution while retaining anonymity. 

    Our Award-winning Electronic Markets

    GFI is a leading proponent of transparency in credit derivative, CDS and bond markets. GFI’s CreditMatch enables users to gain access to real-time and historical market information, choose from a wide range of trading strategies and execute orders and trades directly or with broker assistance.
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    GFI IROMatch® 
    GFI IROMatch® displays tradable quotes and traded prices across GFI’s Interest Rate Options marketplace. In addition to pricing and market information, GFI IROMatch provides trade execution functionality through periodic matching, and continuous midpoint matching. These strategies and protocols create concentrated and deep liquidity pools while maintaining anonymity.

    GFI ForexMatch, GFI’s trading system for FX derivatives, offers multiple choices to ensure best execution for clients and brokers. Post-trade services include SDR reporting, affirmation workflow, confirmations and electronic straight-through processing of both voice and electronic trades.
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    EnergyMatch is a leading OTC energy marketplace combining the liquidity of multiple brokerage firms and electronic trading participants along with multiple clearing options.  Learn more

    EnergyMatch Europe 
    Built on Trayport’s technology, EnergyMatch Europe is a leading electronic energy trading platform that combines market leading technology with GFI’s deep pool of liquidity in both derivative and physical energy contracts. Learn More

    GFI’s RatesMatch platform offers specialist execution services across a wide range of interest rate derivative and US Treasury bond products. Utilising the full scope of trading strategies and innovative trading protocols, RatesMatch brings efficient and fast execution along with the certainty of post trade services. Learn More

    GFI Direct 
    GFI Direct is a fully electronic request for quote (RFQ) platform for FX derivatives. It offers an aggregated view of multi-dealer liquidity for price discovery, trade request and bilateral trade execution. Learn More

    AuctionMatch is a financial management, information and execution service for maintaining a delta-neutral portfolio, allowing dealers to mitigate unwanted risk. Dealers can select strategies such as spreads including curve steepeners or flatteners, butterflies and spread/spreads. Trade suggestions can be viewed by bucket and be ordered to maximize volume or P&L. Trades are executed using the transparent levels on the fixing curve.

    Riskequivalents is a trade matching, financial execution and information service for maintaining a delta-neutral portfolio, allowing dealers to mitigate unwanted risk.

    IRS DeltaMatch 
    As the interest rate swap market continues to grow, industry participants are aware that inefficiencies due to hedging off the-run positions with on-the-run swaps can lead to significant mismatches within trading books. Banks tend to quantify trading risk by dividing the entire curve into risk buckets, each one covering different sets of maturities. The positions within each bucket are summed to provide a net risk for that part of the curve. Risk buckets are usually quoted in terms of DV01 and there is often a cost associated with running these off-the-run positions.

    TERMNEGOTIATION is an electronic financial trading platform through which dealers can pre-negotiate strategies such as spreads including curve steepeners or flatteners, butterflies and spread/spreads.

    GFInet was designed to provide our customers with real-time data and execution services through online brokerage, online data and analytics. The GFInet trading system provides the professional trader with a means to monitor real-time market activity, post bides and offers, execute transactions instantaneously and maintain audit trails of trading activity. GFInet was designed specifically for the wholesale customer. Order posting and trade execution are simple, fast and intuitive.